Ultra Setbacks

Ultra training was going okay, I wouldn’t say it was perfect, but it was on the right track. And then, pain. The, you need to stop running immediately kind of pain.

This wasn’t good.

It started after an indoor run at the Velodrome, I did at least 12k there (gps doesn’t really work inside) and the next day woke to some sore hamstrings. But they weren’t anything I hadn’t experience before and knew it was the usual kind of you’ve done some good work kind of soreness. I thought it was strange to feel that sore after just 12k but figured it was probably due to the flat run.

The soreness lingered the rest of the week so that Wednesday I went to yoga to try to give them a good stretch.

Leading MEC group run

I was feeling pretty good before heading out for my run on Thursday, and then, about a kilometre in, I feel pain in my left hamstring. I stop for a moment, rub the spot, try to shake it out. Being so early into the run I still feel optimistic enough that I can run it off but turn in a direction that will keep me closest to home just in case.

It doesn’t go to well. The pain does not go away. By 2k I feel it getting worse so I decide to call it quits but determined to get something out of this run I take a slightly longer route home to push it out to 3k.

I probably shouldn’t have done that.

My hamstring hurts the entire next day. I roll out what I can and opt to take an extra day off.

By Sunday evening things seem okay and I decide to test out another run. I am feeling pretty good on this run, no sign of discomfort. And then suddenly at around 5k, the pain is shooting back. Deciding not to risk it this time I call home for a rescue and lightly jog up and down the street just to keep warm.

That was it, I decide to take the rest of the week off running with a couple of complete rest days mixed with some swimming. Not pushing the run that night helped as my hamstring did not feel nearly as sore the next day as it did the first time.

Today I tried a run out again and it was a success! I met up with a friend for an awesome 12k trail run. We were both testing out injuries so it was well matched. And we both made it back to our cars pain free!

Back on the trails!

Feeling better about this, going to take it easy still as my hamstring still doesn’t feel completely right but no sign of pain. I’ll be visiting my RMT next week finally so she can get into them more. It is hard for me to get enough pressure on my hamstring to roll it out properly. I have had pretty good luck with using a tennis ball while sitting in a chair though.

So hopefully soon I can get back on my training plan, this Ultra is coming up quick!!