Maintenance Week 3 Recap

A hilly trail run yesterday and a long run today = my bum, is sore. This is good though, it means I’m relying less on my quads and using my glutes and hamstrings more, good sign that my hips are getting stronger to correct my form.


This week started with some hill repeats on Monday. It was suppose to be intervals with MEC but the run ended up being canceled due to thunderstorm threat. So I decided to hit some hills, I’ve been wanting to for weeks but haven’t due to tight calves. It went okay I guess, couldn’t have been better, could have been worse.



Tuesday went for a bike ride. Same path I took a couple weeks but I went off the path onto a trail at one point. So rocky. I spent a lot of that little detour off my bike. Not sure how long I was out there for my Strava app was being finicky.

Trail stars/ends at the beach, finished at sunset so stopped to enjoy the view before packing up.


Wednesday I hit the pool had a great swim.


Thursday was MEC trail run, we took an easy route which was good because I wasn’t feeling the greatest on the run and turned back with a couple other people at just under 4k for about 7.5 in total.

Friday, rest day.


Saturday, trail run. So tired. Like ready to go back to sleep the whole time. Soo that made for a fun run, and it was hilly, I wanted the run to be over the whole time. My watch said we did 8.5k but we actually did the course from a 10k race so it was probably longer, gps watches don’t do so well with recording distances on hilly terrain.

Soo I tripped over a rock and fell in the mud. All good though got right back up. After a bit noticed my had was stinging a bit and looked down to see blood. Had to get another runner to lend me some water to clean it out, water doesn’t pour our of my vest’s bite valve.

Sunday, long run

Oh how I did not want to wake up for this I reset my alarm many many times through the morning before finally forcing myself out of bed. I brought my ipod with me because my head game was off and knew I’d need a distraction from 2 hours with my own thoughts. The run itself was actually great, weird though also. I was enjoying the run but at the same time still did not want to be doing it. Very weird. I took a few breaks to enjoy the view, and get another photo for #RunChatHunt

Found flag of my country and 3 others for #RunChatHunt

Because of the hill yesterday and this being my first long run on road in awhile I opted for a flat route by the lake. It was a good morning for a run, cloudy breezy morning was still a bit humid but the lack of sun and the breeze helped make it feel more comfortable. I beat most of the rain it did start drizzling a bit near the end and then started coming down harder when I was stretching but I don’t mind running in the rain.

The end of the Hamilton Lakeshore Path out on a pier, nice view of Bulrington

My pace though, I did the first 10k in under an hour, I knew I should have slowed down but couldn’t really manage it, I also kind of wanted to see what I could do and just went with it. I ended up doing 18k in 6:03 min/km the breaks I took helped but I’ve done that before on long runs this spring and still I’d average around 6:40+ so today felt totally bizarre and great. I knew I’d gotten faster lately by my last solo run was still slower than that so, still getting faster maybe! This is really exciting!

Still amazed at that pace, faster than I did the Chilly Half on March 1

Going to hatha yoga tonight, my bum is very much looking forward to it.

I have a 15k race on Saturday so I’ll be taking it a bit easy this week now.

Weekly Total: 40km