Track Work Success!

Unplanned track workout today. Earlier in the day I tweeted I was going out for my first tempo run in a couple of months. A friend replied asking if I wanted to join her for 400m repeats instead.

Not going to pass up the chance to do speed work with a buddy!

We arranged to meet at the Running Room than did a warm-up jog to the track. We were following a workout that called for 200m sprint followed by 10 squats and 10 sit-ups, then another 200m sprint. Well alright! After that the real fun began.

In total I did 8 400m repeats with ’90 second’ rest that was a weee bit longer for a few of them. My friend was having IT band issues and needed to pause to stretch between a couple of them, also water was needed also. It was hot, not awful recent rain had cut down the humidity but still, we were running fast and needed the water!

My friend’s IT band got the better of her and I finished the final 3 400’s solo which she took pictures.

My 400m averaged 10 seconds faster than they did from just 2 weeks ago! I’m so thrilled and proud of myself and I really put in the work on this session and still felt like I could have done more. But race Saturday I means I’m in a semi taper and don’t want to exhaust myself.

Hitting the pool again tomorrow (did last night) and then easy run and some yoga Thursday, rest then race day! It will be my first time racing a 15k so I’m excited for the guaranteed PR! I want to race it but hold back a little bit so I can finish strong and ready to conquer my 10k 10 days after! MY goal is just to finish under 1:30 which I should be good to do. I think I did or was just shy of that during my long run on the weekend! So good sign! It will be a hilly course but I’ve run those hills countless times so I should be able to manage even with a faster pace than usual.