SUP Yoga!

Sunday was MEC Paddlefest which featured $10 clinics, so me and a friend sign up for SUP Yoga. We got a little intro on how to get on the board and then stand on it then headed out to do our yoga class.

Wow is it hard. The wind was no help either creating any even more unsteady surface. Simply sun salutations were a big challenge, even just transitioning from forward fold to flat back. Planking was actually the easiest part of it, much more so than downward dog. Let’s not even talk about how difficult it was to get in to Warrior 2. After the class we paddled back to shore and had to battle the wind. Afterwards the owners of WhaSup told us we could take the boards out for a short demo which was super nice of them. And it was great to get out on the board and really try SUP out. The way out was great as the wind was in our favour and we just flew down the lake. And then the way back. We ended up dropping down to our knees to better battle the wind. It was super windy on the way back! I ended up soaked from all the splashes coming up at me from the waves.

Definitely arm work out. My back was feeling a bit stiff the next day.

By Sunday evening I’d had enough of the sun from the weekend and opted to postpone my planned run.

So Monday I met up with the MEC group for a good steady run in the rain. And Tuesday I decided to just do an easy 6-8k… and instead my legs decided to go faster than they’d ever gone and I ended up running my fastest 5k ever. Can’t even explain.


Wednesday back at Christie Lake for more SUP! No yoga, just paddling. Went with the same friend and we were probably out for about an hour, much less windy so it was a lot easier. Legs felt super shaky when we got off the board though.

Thursday I was feeling the SUP a bit in my legs, mostly my calves, but still pretty good. Then it was meeting with the MEC group for the trail run, my calves were definitely tired, but totally different feeling from the tightness I was feeling before which was nice, this was just general tired muscle instead of something to be a bit more concerned about. All good did a nice 8k and then I got home and my legs just felt so done. It’s been a long time since they felt tired like that, and really just tired, not sore or stiff or anything, just really tired, kind of a nice change.


Tomorrow I’ll be running with the MEC trail group again, still undecided on how much I want to run, and then no more running until Tuesday for my final race of the season and my 3rd attempt at a sub 56! IT WILL HAPPEN. Actually I’m going to try for a sub 55! The 5k I did Tuesday was at a 5:31 pace without me really going for it so I figure, why not try for s sub 55 A goal? #dreambig