June 2015 #RunChatHunt Entries

I’m a regular user of the #runchat tag on twitter and participate in the weekly twitter chats when I can/when I remember. They’re fun and allow you to connect with some other runners from other areas. At the beginning of the month they announced a scavenger hunt called #RunChatHunt and I thought, why not this sounds like fun! The scavenger hunt is a list of 10 items you need to get a photo of while running, finding each item gets you 1 entry into a draw to win some cool prizes. You can read about it here on Run Chat’s Blog.

So I have now completed my 10 entries which I have been posting on Instagram/Twitter all month (@jessicap324 if you want to follow :)). Here they are below in the order I found them:



I made sure to get this one early since solstice was only a couple weeks away this would be later and later. I took this at the end of a Thursday night MEC trail run.

Body of Water


This one was going to be easy, I could have gotten 10 photos of 10 different bodies of water. Easy thing when you live around a Great Lakes. Pictured is Cootes Paradise from when we ran there on a MEC trail run, it looked so pretty had to stop and take a picture so I used it for my submission

Flag of Your Country


I wasn’t worried about this one, I knew if all else failed there was a flag at Walmart on a cell phone tower. And turned out it was easier than I thought. I snapped this while running along the beach trail in Hamilton, had completely forgotten about these flags, I’d actually already taken a picture of another flag while on this run when I came across these and thought they were even better. After getting this photo I saw a ton more Canadian flags hanging on houses on that strip.

Run Sticker on a Vehicles


This one I knew would be easy as well as it is my friend’s car who I run with regularly, it was only a matter of remembering to take the photo.



This one I wasn’t sure of, I couldn’t think of any statues off hand in areas I run it. But I spotted this the day I was running the beach trail, didn’t get the photo that day because there was a lot of people stopped in front of it but went back later that week on another run to get it.

Garden Gnome


Now this I was worried about, I had zero memory of ever passing a house with a gnome, I was actually hoping to spot one on the beach trail figuring one of those houses was bound to have one, so I got worried when I didn’t see one. I thought it they didn’t, who would possibly have one? I’d looked on other runs as well and had no luck. With one week left to go I was getting worried and I set out on a run in my neighbourhood with 1 house in mind that may have one. Turns out this little guy has been waiting for me around the corner of my subdivision this whole time, didn’t even need to check the house I had in mind. And he’s a cutie! I felt super awkward taking this photo though. He’s essentially in front of the living room so I kind of went to the opposite side of their driveway then zoomed in to take the photo which is why the quality isn’t great.

Beer or Soda Can


Ohh the pop can photo… I figured I’d find a can eventually while on a trail run. This one I found while actually trying to get a photo of a waterfall. I THOUGHT I was on the correct trail but turns out I was not (damn trails that are not on maps!) and so I ended up not on a trail at all as the path I took just kind of ended randomly and tried to bush crash my way to where I eventually figured out the trail actually was. YUP mistake there, with all the recent rain all the foliage was very lush. And bugs, lots and lots of bugs and zero bug spray. And I’m horrible with plants and I have no idea what poison ivy looks like so everything I had to step through (in capris) was suspect, so it was a TON of fun. Anyways I spotted this stupid can on my way back out after I’d given up trying to make my way to the waterfall. It’s blurry because I was too busy trying to get out of there to notice the photo sucked. Okay, now let’s forget that whole adventure ever happened.

Selfie With Another Runner


Easy, easy when you run with a group at least 2 times a week. This was taken last Thursday night on the trail run with a few of the group members. It’s the halfway point of one of our frequent runs, found on the Bruce Trail in Burlington 4k from Kerncliff Park.

Something Unique About your City


I decided from the beginning I wanted to get a waterfall for this as Hamilton is The City of Waterfalls with over 100 waterfalls. Ideally I would have gotten Albion Falls, a much larger waterfall, but I just never made it there for a run this month, fortunately yesterday’s trail run we met at Chedoke and I remembered the rail trail went across a waterfall from when we were there last in the winter. Then we had to hop over the river it made, yesterday it was just gentle trickles coming down and no water at all coming across the path. Also spotted another waterfall through some trees as well I had to include in the submission since we’re the city of waterfalls. I also had a back-up ready for this post just in case, a picture of the Skyway and Lift Bridge, 2 side by side bridges to the same place, fast route and scenic route, but they’re not very pretty or interesting so I was happy I got in a run near a waterfall.

House Under Construction


Another one I knew would be easy and just a matter of getting the photo. I live in a newly developed area of the city and beside another town with a lot of development as well. And I actually almost got this one last week during my 15k race in Burlington, there were quite a few houses on the route being worked on but I didn’t have my phone on me while racing and forgot to go back and get a picture of one of them. So I ventured out to my neighbouring town to a subdivision only a couple kilometres away I knew was still being developed. And got lucky and spotted these two side-by-side.

Experience Getting the Photos

I had a lot of fun with this, (even though it(yes it, not me, not my fault at all) almost gave me a poison ivy rash and a very terrifying 48 hours waiting to see if it would develop) it was fun taking note of things on my runs I do not normally pay attention to, like searching yards I passed for a little gnome, or realising just how many Canadian flags there are in a country not know for putting their flag everywhere.