Nike Pro Rival – Sports Bra Review

Sports bras are no fun to try on. They’re usually awkward to get on, half the time they’re sized completely different from the size they say they are. And also, how the heck do you properly test them out in a 1×2 little room? Me, I jump up and down like an idiot and then inevitably get down on myself because then I see my belly jiggling in the mirror. Yeah, good times…

S/M/L sized bras are not an option for me, and really ladies, those bras aren’t the best for anyone. They don’t stop any bounce. If you’re anything above a B you need to be in a sports bra with cup sizing, and it’s not going to hurt if you’re smaller too. With those bras that are basically tops, you’re not getting any support on the sides, or the top. And very likely you’re in the wrong size, and there’s no way around that. Either you’re in a band too big just to fit them in without popping out or you’re in a cup(is that what you call it on those?) too big just to get the right band size. While cheap (seriously, so cheap, like is not fair) you’re damaging your breast tissue by not stopping bounce. Damaged tissue = saggy breast = hello boobs you can tuck into your pants. Yeah, I’ll fork over the extra $30 for a bra that’s going to help prevent that.

Nike Pro Rival Sports Bra Review
Nike Pro Rival Sports Bra (image taken from Sport Chek)

I first tried the Nike Pro Rival bra on a few months ago. I was impressed, but not interested in forking over the $75 +tax the bra costs when I still had weight to loose. I still now have weight to loose, but the Pro Rival happened to be on sale this weekend, just when I was looking for couple new bras. I’ve been happy in my VS Incredible I purchased last fall, they keep everything in place, don’t give you uniboob or flatten you out and they have a v neck which I prefer. However, the cups and straps on this bra are padded, and during my very hot run on Saturday, I could feel the sweat pilling up and holding in the bra, making it heavy, uncomfortable and hot, even with moisture wicking, with that much padding it could not keep up at all with the amount I was sweating. So, it was time to search for something lighter I could wear over the summer. I really like the Under Armour 2.0 bra, it’s super comfortable and easy to get on. But it comes up high in the front and I find v-neck more comfortable and less fabric to get all sweaty. Plus, well, for the summer a higher neck means one more awkward tan line. The bra comes up higher than a lot of my shirts so things would be looking pretty ridiculous on a daily basis if I wear that one for my runs all summer.

Just as I was considering splurging and spending the $75 per bra on the pro rival, I see Sport Chek has it for 25% off. Can someone say score? 56.24, I’m pretty sure I paid more than that for my both VS and my UA bras.

The Bra

The cups on this fit big, you’ll need to go smaller, I did that and still bought the wrong size, I went down in cup and up in band thinking this would be good, only when I was sprinting did I realise there was still too much room in there. After the run I noticed there was some space in the cups at the top, wasn’t so obvious in the change room and not something I noticed during my jump test, with the way the bra is constructed its hard to see this, you have to feel for it it. I’ll be getting another one but I’m going keep the smaller cup size and go down to my normal band size. This bra is a pain x6 to get on. For some reason they used elastic instead of a clasp at the back. I’m not looking forward to taking this off now that it’s all sweaty. Yes I’m still sitting in it as I type, haven’t gotten around to showering yet.

This bra looks like and is shaped like it has wires but is actually wireless so you’re getting the best of both worlds here. Support and separation wires offer, with the flexibility of no wires. The bra is a bit padded for support and coverage but less so than the VS ones and is made with Nike’s Dri-FIT fabric. It wasn’t particularly hot out today but we were doing speed work so I was pretty sweaty by the end and didn’t feel it in the bra. Now I can feel it feels a bit damp naturally but not full out soaked so seems like a safe bet it will be okay on long hot sweaty runs.

Running With It On

Best way to test out at sports bra? Speed work! We were doing intervals so I actually got to test it during all conditions. Like all new bras I find, I was a bit aware of it in the beginning but during the run I didn’t notice it, only during very fast sprints did I notice some bounce and thats because, like I said I bought slightly the wrong size. And obviously in a bra that’s a bit too big I didn’t feel too constricted. But I believe even in my right size that wouldn’t happen with this bra. It is VERY structured in the cups which is what is keeping everything in place. I have a Moving Comfort bra and HATE it because it relies on the compression to keep things still, by the end of the run I really start to feel like I’m being constricted and it doesn’t provide anymore bounce control than my other bras so it’s not even worth it.


Comfortable, great bounce control, v-neck allows for lower cut to keep you cooler and help control tan lines. Great support, don’t feel constricted. Wireless bra with wired shape. Doesn’t flatten you out.


Pricey, hard to get on/off, hard to find right fit, you will likely need a different size than your normal bra size.

Shape of the cups bit odd, at least for me since the cup is so structure, the cup shape will probably work more for some people than others. I think this is why I had such a problem finding the right size. There’s a lot of room at the top of the cup for me.


Under Armour 2.0 is still my top favourite for comfort, and I like the look and structure of the VS Incredible more, but this is a great middle ground for better moisture management and the v-neck shape. Worth is if you want a v-neck bra, if you’re not concerned about that, go for the Under Armour 2.0.