Progression Run & Other Training

This week I’m aiming for a bit of a transition between recovery and maintenance for my running. Keeping milage low but running more days. Although I think I maybe miscalculated a bit and I’ll end up with milage around where I want my maintenance to be. But it’s kind of because the long weekend and no Sunday run is allowing me to throw an extra run in. The runs themselves will still be shorter.

Rest Day

Sunday I intended to go for a bike ride with my friend, but she had a problem with her bike so we couldn’t. So then I ended up doing nothing. Woops. Well I did do a bit of hip strengthening exercises at least.

Easy (Hot) Group Run

Monday was a holiday, I was going to go for a bike ride during the day but I was kind of lazy, it was hot, and I used the excuse that I needed to save my energy for my group run that evening. Turned out I didn’t really need to worry, since it was so hot even though the 3 other people I was with are faster than me, they kept the pace slow and I was doing just fine running along with them. One of the girls was feeling pretty sore and decided to turn back early so I turned with her and we let the guys continue on. In the end we did 6.5km in about 41 minutes – I’d somehow paused my watch at some point so not sure on our exact timing. What I did see when I uploaded it though was the parts when we were running – ie not stuck at lights. We were hovering around the high 5’s low 6’s which is fabulous for me, especially in the heat. Didn’t feel like I was pushing it at all. Sign I really am getting faster! So exciting! I’m really hoping over the next few months I can get my easy pace into the 5’s.

Also first run I used my hydration vest for! Everything felt good, I will run with it a few more times before reviewing it

I also did a little bit more more hip strengthening work.

Progression Run

Tuesday I knew I needed to keep my run short, this was my first time doing back-to-back running days since my half, and I want to keep my milage a bit low still, but higher than the 24k I did the past 2 weeks. With only 5k to work with and having done an easy run Monday I wanted to make this 5k worth it. I considered doing some hill repeats but my calf has been a bit tight lately so decided not to push it. Instead I decided I’d try to do my first progression run – each km faster than the last. I didn’t know what to expect of myself going into this. I actually thought it would end up being a disaster, I’d go too hard one km and then not be able to hold it the next etc, etc.

I did end up succeeding though! it wasn’t as smooth as it should have been, I still have a lot of work to do in controlling my pace, but I ended up doing each km faster than the last!

I didn’t take any photos during my run, but this is a photo I took a few weeks ago of one of the paths I ran tonight

The first km I held back a lot. I don’t really know my easy pace right now so I wasn’t sure how things were going to go. I also had a bit of a hill climb in there and a pause for traffic, so in the end I finished the first k in 6:32.

Second km, I did this a lot faster than I intended to, I¬†was running in the high 5’s and couldn’t get myself to slow down and was even starting to feel it in my calves so I ended up pausing my watch to cool down and and reset. I did that km in 6:08

Knowing I’d kind of messed up that km and gone too fast, my intention was actually to run in the 6:20-6:25 area I decided km 3 I was fine going for 6:15. And apparently not. I ended up doing that in 6:03. I actually missed my watch beep for that so I wasn’t sure at the time what I did it in.

Km 4, time to pick it up a bit. Did it in 5:52, saw the 5 ( was aiming for 6:05 ish) and thought, oh no, I don’t know how I’ll beat that now.

Apparently I didn’t need to worry, I ended up going almost as hard as I could near the end, the last 2-300 m were quite the struggle (I was running in the 4’s in the last half, the downhill back helped here though) but did it in 5:16! Quite the surprise there, I really thought I was pushing to hold on to maybe 5:30’s if I was lucky.

Gotta love surprising yourself!

I felt so proud and accomplished after this run, especially when I checked my splits and saw I’d run km 3 faster then 2. I love maintenance period for these short runs when you really get to test yourself.

Current Pace on Garmin

Running this way, constantly checking your pace was hard, especially with the pace delay on the garmin. Does anyone else’s act like this or is there something wrong with my watch? This is something I’ve always noticed but I never really pay much attention to my watch really so it never bothered me. But it’s like, you see a pace and think oh, better speed up! And you do, you know you do, but it takes a little bit for the watch to register and show your quicker pace. Kind of really annoying when you need to rely so much on your current pace for a workout.


After my run I went home, had dinner quickly and then headed to hot yoga for a core strengthening flow. Wooo going to feel that tomorrow. It was actually great, you knew you were working your core but you didn’t feel that burn you get when you do ab work. Which is fabulous for me, I’m pretty okay with that burn everywhere (unless it’s burn from holding a pose, am a baby with that, mostly cause I hate holding poses and am baby in general for those), but when it comes to feeling it in the abs I’m a baby and give up. But this was great and exactly what I need!

Coming Up

I’ll be swimming tomorrow, haven’t been to the pool in a couple weeks. Thursday and Saturday will be the group trail runs and Sunday I’ll be doing my first long run since my half! I’ll probably do 14k or so, keep it around an hour and a half so I won’t need any gels, also haven’t been over 10.5 since so want to ease back into it, plus keep this week’s total low. We’ll see if I get any more yoga in, also possibly doing some rock climbing Sunday. Excited for that! It’s been over a year since I last went. Really looking for the complete body soreness your first time back climbing brings haha!