Maintenance Week 1 & May Total

This whole maintenance thing is interesting. While I did have 2 months off between my 2 half marathons late fall, I was essentially injured the majority of it so I didn’t really do maintenance, it was kind of more┬árecover from half, run, nope still injured, rest, run, hurt something else, rest AH HALF IS 2 MONTHS AWAY! Jump into training.

I’ve determined for the month of June I will be in maintenance mode, July I will spend building milage back up, and August-September will be full blown marathon training.

So, first official week of maintenance, it was interesting, I’m definitely feeling very rested but still have a lot of energy I want to burn.

Monday – Swimming!

I really just love how weird everyone looks in swim caps and goggles.

Swim, swim swim. I love swimming, it’s been a big part of my life, my whole life, there was a time there through high school and University I didn’t do much of it unless it was in a friend’s backyard pool but it was always something I loved. Running has made me a better swimmer, I’m constantly amazed at how much I improve without a whole lot of focus on it. It’s just something I do because I love being in the water and it works the whole body to keep things balanced from all the running.

Tuesday – Track Work

Hot red track = red soles

I was pumped for this, I was kind of excited all day about how I was just going to kill this workout, even though it was super hot and I was going to die, I was going to pull out some amazing times! So maybe I psyched myself up a bit too much. And also it was hot as hell. I was going to do 800m repeats but it was just insanely hot I switched to 400m so I could take more water breaks. Theoretically I only did 200m rests between the repeats, but no that’s a lie because I paused my watch and chugged water after almost all of them. I ended up only doing 6 400’s getting me to 5k. By that point I was almost out of water and it was warm despite me leaving it in the shade. Seriously killer heat. I did make some pretty solid 400m splits though! Didn’t realise the pace at the time but they were almost all in the 4:00’s! And only a hair slower than where McMillian says I should be for my 400’s, not bad given the heat,I was kind of running more towards what I’d do a 800 at instead of a 400 so pretty solid! And actually my 400’s were slightly long too since I was running in the 3rd lane.

Wednesday – Yoga

I was originally going to go rock climbing with a friend but she almost got a concussion a couple days before so she wasn’t up for it. Instead we went for a walk on the paths near my work and then I went to Yin Yang yoga. Great class. I was also amazed at how easy everything felt. I think it was my first time doing yoga all year when I wasn’t sore. We went in to chair pose and I was like oh no, here comes the suffering, but I was in it, and just like, oh, this doesn’t hurt? Huh who knew. Goes to show that even when my quads felts fine, they were still tired.

Thursday – Group Trail Run

Man I was so ready for this run, I was so energised I could have run for ages, I felt amazing on this run, I was running a great pace and doing it pretty well. The only bit I felt really tired was right at the end when the group leader took us through the munch path and picked up the pace quite a bit but I held on a best I could! We ran 8.9km in total and that last 900m we were running a 5:35-5:50 pace, thats fast for road for me never mind the end of a run and on mulch which is one of the hardest surfaces to run on.

Friday – Bike Ride

Riding along the Red Hill Creek trail

Normally I take rest day Friday but I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything Saturday so instead I took my bike out for a ride on a stone trail. Great ride! Did 18k in total. Would have done more but the first 9 took me almost an hour since I made some stops along the way for various reasons, and when I saw the time I kind of got panicked because I start crashing when I get up to 2 hours, even on a bike. So I turned it around, and then realised I was going uphill the entire way, very very minor I didn’t even notice. But I essentially flew back to my car so I only ended up riding for an hour and a half. Great ride though! I’d never been on that trail before meant to take my bike on it last summer but never got around to it. Very pretty, especially in the area I had to turn around in I was sad I couldn’t keep going.

My phone didn’t have enough juice to record my ride so used my watch so I’d know my totals. Didn’t save it though didn’t want t mess up my running records. You can go on Garmin and change the activity later but the watch still keeps the records. So took pit then deleted it!

Saturday – ‘Rest Day’

Very rainy and humid day to help a friend move.

‘Rest Day’ note to self, helping a friend move will not be a rest day. Holy stair climbing. It was also insanely hot and humid. All the sweating. Long, exhausting day, which leads to…

Sunday – Actual Rest Day

I got lots of sleep Sunday. Probably got 9-10 hours sleep during the night. And was going to go run but I was like oh its cool out today I can put it off a bit. Mistake. I was so tired and lazy, I did not end up running. And I also took 2 naps. I felt okay about it though given the day before. Less okay given all the food consumed but whatever. I’m not going to stress about missing my run, I just decided instead of cross training on Tuesday I’d run, so I basically shifted my weekend runs to during the week. Yeah sure, that’s a thing. I mean I shifted Saturday over so I picked up extra run Monday, what’s another shift over?

Totals for the week 13.5 km running knew it would be low since I was moving 1 run into this week, and then ended up moving another so.

Total for May: 134 km lowest this year but I completely smashed what I did during maintenance/recovery last time so there is that (79km in November & 72.5 in December).