Seattle Running

Last year when I went to Seattle for work I decided if I ever got the opportunity to go again I’d spend a few extra days there. That opportunity came with a bonus, due to back-to-back work events on the west coast, I was there for the weekend!

I was really excited and did plenty of research on the nearby trails and look around for running groups I could meet up with. Through Facebook I learned of the High Heel Running Group, a local group of women who meet up to run every Saturday morning at Cougar Mountain which is the closest set of trails to downtown Seattle. Perfect! Sunday I left a bit more opened with a few possibilities for trails to hit and leaving it opened to potentially connect with someone from the Saturday group.

Before hitting the trails on the weekend, I was able to get out for a few runs during the week in the city as well. Once again Seattle did not disappoint!

Saturday morning came and one of the leaders of the group graciously picked me up from my hotel and drove me out to the trail head! Such a great gesture that really spoke to how the rest of the run would go. It was a fabulous group of women and the trails were amazing! They area had recently received a dusting of snow so the trees were gorgeous but the trail itself was untouched. Such spectacular scenery and conditions to be running through!

I was a bit worried going into the run that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the climbs. Sure Ontario has hills, but its hard pressed to find a hill longer than 600m. What would I find in the mountains? Fortunately given that Cougar Mountain is near the start of the mountain range, the elevation changes were not much different from home. Also the pace of the group was great and I was able to keep up just fine.

It was an amazing run, I highly recommend hooking up with the High Heel Running Group to any ladies who find themselves in the area!

Unfortunately the weather was not on my side for Sunday. It had gotten even colder and snowed even more. I found out online the trails I was interested were pretty deep with snow. I’d also hoped to summit a mountain but with the high amount of overcast the visibility would have been non existent. And most of all it just would not have been safe to make the journey out there.

In the city it was raining and cold, and this suburban running was growing a little weary of downtown running so I hit the treadmill at the gym. But hey! They did have the fancy ‘trail running’ machines!

I definitely plan to return to the Seattle area one day, just maybe in the summer next time ;).