Life as a Marathoner

2 weeks since Toronto Waterfront. 2 very long weeks spent in recovery. I don’t do well with rest days. I workout 6 days a week, the first week I didn’t do anything. I don’t like it. I planned to up my cross training game last week.

I decided it was a good idea to start this off with stair repeats. Which turned into a stair climb/run circuit which turned in to a very bad idea.


I made a rule I wasn’t allowed to do any back to back running days for the next few weeks which I essentially broke immediately. My first run post marathon was an easy 5k Saturday. I then did an easy 6.5k Monday night, after both I finished with pretty tried legs. And then Tuesday I did the circuit which ended up being 5k and 4 sets of escarpment stair climbs (well over 300 steps each). Significantly bad idea.

Nearly a week later and my calves still haven’t fully recovered. Woops.

I have an 8k race this Saturday I’m pretty much only doing because it’s part of a series. I know I won’t be in prime shape for it but I still want to do as best I can given the circumstances. In order to be as ready as I possibly can be means I need to force another week of extreme rest. I ran Saturday for my first time officially leading the group run. I wanted to run tonight but with calves that are still sore and knowing now how easily damaged my legs still are, I’m skipping the run and swimming instead. Between now and then I’ll do an easy 8-10 Wednesday and some very light cross training only. After Saturday I can see how my body takes the faster pace. If i can run it without any soreness after I can step it up a bit next week running 3 days and getting some yoga/strength training in.


My plan is to stay in recovery mode for another couple weeks, I’ll be in San Diego for work 2 weeks from now so I’ll take it easy in terms of running that week too. Then once I’m back hopefully I’ll be good to start building my base milage back up and start getting back in to maintenance with long runs and speed/hill work. My next goal race is Around the Bay at the beginning of April which I really want to do well at since I was only able to use it as a training run last year. During the marathon seeing that 30k mark I was like yeah, this would be a fab place to end. It’s a distance that commands alot of respect but doesn’t completely destroy your legs at the end.

I’ll probably start official training for ATB in January or February, until then I really want to focus on speed as a build, no tempos just track work and hill repeats. I’ll be continuing with hill repeats in to ATB training of course but the speed work will have to transition over to tempo/tempo intervals. This of course it weather dependant as tempos in the winter are nearly impossible to execute since you legs never get warm. Days I’m forced inside on the track will have me back at shorter repeats, probably about a km but given my speed that’s actually likely still tempo (tempo intervals are a minimum 5 minutes).


Sunday I was able to give back to the running community by volunteering at the Hamilton Marathon, it was alot of fun being there and reliving how I felt at my marathon as well as last year since I ran that race last year as my first half.