About Me

I wasn’t a runner growing up, I hated running. And then one day in November 2013, I found myself at a race expo and something about being there made me want to become a part of this. I let the winter pass by and then in March 2014 I started couch to 5k and haven’t stopped since

Before running I was a frequent swimmer, occasional leisurely cyclist, a gym frequenter, a sporadic yoga practicer and rock climber. I have since dropped the gym membership, do you know how exhausting it is trying to balance running and lifting weights? I’ve kept with swimming, upgraded my cheap-o Canadian Tire bike for a real mountain bike I sometimes stop running long enough to ride, I’ve taken up SUP, and the sporadic yoga and rock climbing continues.

When I’m not out running or one of the other various activities, which take up the majority of my free time. I’m probably laying around at home watching TV, I’m a big fan of HGTV and spend many post-long run Sunday afternoons watching whatever renovation show they’re marathoning that day. I’m a frequent movie goer and just like spending time with some close friends.

By day I work in the marketing department of a small software company. I am also a part of the MEC Burlington Events Team so you’ll find me leading the meet-up trail and road runs and keeping you hydrated during the races. I am a co-founder of the Burly Trail Runners and help host our weekly Thursday night runs and whatever other events we decide to host!


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