A Change of Plans? 

I think everything shifted for me this summer. I’ve thought of myself as a road runner who also runs trails but I’ve witnessed this perspective change recently and maybe I’m more a trail runner who also runs roads. I loove my trail run family and they were definitely a huge part of this shift. I’d rather be spending time on the trails with them then anything else.

Some of the crew at a MEC trail run

I have all these time goals for road races and I’ve found myself not really caring about them anymore. Why bother training to run fast when I can be out exploring with some friend? Plus I’m not fast, and I hate speed work. I want to get faster and improve, but I’d rather get there by running more instead of worrying about pace.

My original plan at the beginning of summer was to run 2 half marathons this fall. I’ve already signed up for one so I will be running that one. But after that, I might finally take the plunge into trail racing. Something I’ve yet to partake in. I want to run a 50k, something this crazy group I run with has inspired. But since I’ve never done a trail race, I kind of want to get in at least one shorter distance before the next big thing.

So I’m thinking of a 25k trail race (Run for the Toad or Vulture Bait). I’ve also put out in to the group a November trail race that has a 25k or 6h (Batawa Fat Ass). 6h seems very tempting as it’s still far enough out that I can train for it. If it weren’t for lack of time my crazy self would probably be heavily considering a 50 for October inserted of a 25. And let’s be honest that’s not a probably but that I already have considered and probably wouldn’t take much persuasion from someone to get me thinking about it more.

Right now I’m a bit unsure of things still. I have this half coming up and I’m training with higher mileage than ever for it, I wanted to do it in under 2h, I’d love to do it in under 2h. But I’m not sure I feel like putting in the focus on speed for it. I kind of just want to skip over it and get on to trail training.

Last weekend on the Bruce near Twist Rd, this was a cool section!

I’ve gotten a lot better on trails too, I can climb a little longer and even the technical stuff has gotten easier. I recently wrote a post over on my group’s blog on how and why technical is not my thing. (short answer: I’m clumsy and uncoordinated) but I’ve noticed I’ve gotten way better at a lot of it. I’d probably still struggle at the super technical stuff but the moderate stuff, we went through some last weekend and I pretty much ran all of it without even thinking!

So right now I’m kind of on a wait and see. I think I’m going to ditch my intense goal for Oakville and just see what happens and run whatever I want until that time (but still high mileage because fun!). I’ll decide if I want an October trail race after this and once I know my work plans (the one I want to do most I may not even be back in the country on time for). And pretty positive I’ll be doing that November race just have to decide if it ends up being 25k or 6h. And hey maybe I will still do that second half just to see how much I’ve improved!

Some of the Burly crew from last Thursday. Weeds over our heads!

2 thoughts on “A Change of Plans? 

  1. Yes! Exactly! My husband and I have become part of an amazing trail “club.” Actually, were just a bunch of friends who trail run together. It’s amazing how you lose track of time and distance on the trails. It’s magical..


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