Feel Good Training 

My training has been going really well lately and I’ve been feeling great. 

I put on more than a few pounds over the winter and spring. I was aware of it happening but my mental state wasn’t great so there was nothing I could really do about it. It was such a relief to finally break through my mental struggles so that I could start working on feeling like myself completely. There was a big inner celebration the evening I decided I was finally ready to try on the jeans I’d been avoiding for months as they’d finally fit good enough to wear. 

View from Mount Nemo at a Burly run a couple of weeks ago

The past couple of weeks my weekly mileage has been as high as ever, I’m taking a high mileage age approach to this training cycle by running 5-6 days a week, past cycles have been 4-5. So while my long runs are not as long as last year’s marathon training the extra runs are bringing me to similar totals. 
This has been a big help in dropping the weight I gained. Now not only are my jeans fitting again, they’re fitting comfortably. I’m feeling really good both physically and mentally and proud of myself. I’m not seeing what I struggle with for the first half of the year as a step back but as something I pushed through. Maybe I missed some runs but I never stopped and I kept on pushing. 

Bruce Trail near Hockley Valley from Sunday’s long run

This week has been a physically tough training week and I couldn’t be happier about it. I ended last week with a hilly 10k trail run on Saturday and an even hillier 20k trail run Sunday. Not sure if my butt has ever been so sore and I loved it. This followed in to the start on this week’s training with a nice and easy 8.5k run on Monday. Tuesday was track work! It was 5 of intervals which I then finished off with 3k cool down recovery. 

Selfie on the Bruce from Sunday’s long run

Wednesday I did an easy 9k, super hot not the most enjoyable run! And then I went for a swim for 1600m of laps. 
Tonight I’ll be meeting up with my Burly Trail Runners for another hilly trail run. I’m finally mostly recovered from the weekend and track, legs are definitely stiff but best they’ve been all week. 

Tomorrow will be a rest day and then Saturday I’ll be leading the MEC trail run for about 10k and Sunday my plan is to hit the road for a 22k long run ☺️. 

Still getting out to paddle when I can, photo from a group SUP adventure on Lake Ontario in Grimsby on the Civic Holiday

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