So Far So Good

So I wrote this about a week ago and set it to drafts so I could add pictures. I then forgot. I don’t really feel like editing to update it so ha here it is:

Well I’ve had a couple of pretty successful training weeks now! I even had a week when I ran 6 days in a row, never done that before!

I had the Moraine Adventure Race on Saturday and my performance was predictably sub-par but I feel very motivated now after completing it! I know I could have done better and am sorry I let my team down. It was an incredibly hot day though and my body was done for, I’d woken up that morning with sore legs all over and it was hard to get moving through my running legs. So I kind of didn’t have high hopes for my leg which started around 4:30pm in the blazing sun I just wanted to get through it as best as I could given the circumstances, I ended up finishing a whooping 15 minutes past my goal time. But it was all I could manage in the state I was in. I wish I could have done better for my team but there’s always next year.


I’ll give a full recap of the day (if I remember…) at a later time.


Last weeks training was pretty spot on doing exactly what I needed to. My speed work didn’t exactly go to plan, actually it was kind of a mess but this early in a training cycle it’s not so bad. The main issue I had was my legs wanted to go a whole lot faster than the rest of me could support. Kind of weird but I’ll have to focus more on control. I still haven’t worked out exactly how I’d like to structure my weeks and this plan. I’d like to do some hilly runs/hill repeats, also some short speed work now and start on some longer interval tempos. These tempos will be important to help get me into controlling my pace and finding comfort in my target HMP. I’m going to attempt to start these short and build up as I go, hopefully this approach will get me more comfortable with tempo runs. I want to keep them in the 5:30-5:40 range as my first half marathon goal is a sub 2 hour with is a 5:40 pace.

My goal for this week is to keep on with the runs and try to get in a semi-long run this weekend, bit of a busy schedule though so we’ll see how it goes, might try to get it in on Friday night. Technically I did long runs the past 2 Saturdays but they were both done as double runs so I would like to get out a solid continuous long run, the longest I’ve done in ages all at once has only been 12k.



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