Looking Ahead

This post is a long time coming because I didn’t know where to begin.

Do I talk about the lack of training the lead to a predictable disappointing (though not all together terrible) Around the Bay 30k? Do I talk about not doing much to get back at it since then?

I found out you can run 20k untrained but not so much 30k

I fell into a hole after the winter cough from hell and have been struggling to find my way out since, I never really gave up but I did miss some opportunities. I think (and really, really hope) I’ve finally found some footings and am almost out. So I’m not going to dwell on where I’ve been, but focus on where I’m going. I don’t like where I am right now so I’ve set some goals, and with that some deadlines. I have the month of June to get myself back to where I was back in the fall, feeling good and treating myself right.

What’s ahead?

2 half marathons!

I am so excited about this. When I decided to run a marathon last fall I was disappointed it would mean no fall half and no chance to get the sub 2 hour I was chasing in the spring. Then over the fall I found out I’d be going on a 2 week vacation (chance a lifetime not complaining at all but no one can train seriously while on vacation, I did run there though!!) I also had 2 major weddings I was involved in. What this all meant, no spring half either.


Happened upon this while in Bergen, Norway. I did not run the event but kind of wished I had, looked like an amazing course! It did inspire me to go out and run around town later that evening though.


I could have done a late spring half I technically had the time for it, but I’m such a baby about heat and I’m super sensitive to it so I didn’t really want to risk it after a crazy busy training season.

Part of looking ahead is making these goals. It was one of the first major steps I made to get myself back up right, deciding on a plan and what I wanted to achieve. So that’s what I did.

So in September I’ll be running the Oakville Half Marathon where I hope to completely smash my PB (2:05:21) and finally earn my sub 2. And then 6 weeks later (oh what a beautiful amount of time to have between races, sure beats 4 weeks!) I’ll be running the Hamilton Road2Hope Half Marathon and setting a new PB (tentative is a 5:30 average pace πŸ™ˆ). This is a super special race to me, not only was it my first half marathon but it was also the event that got me interested in running in the first place. PLUS I live super close to the start line which is a huge bonus! They’ve also made some slight changes to the course this year and I approve! It’s a great change.

Oakville will be a new one for me but I’ve heard great things about the course and it’s done by the same people who do the Mississauga Marathon which is a fabulously run event so it should be a great race season!

What else is happening?

Next weekend I’ll be in the Moraine Adventure Relay! I’m so excited about this! I’ll be with a bunch of my Burly Trail Runners as we canoe/run/bike across 160km! I’ll be support for my teammate on her 6km run leg and then I’ll be doing my own 11.5k run leg later in the day.

If you’ve read my bio you’ll know the thing I loved most about getting into running was feeling like I belonged to something so getting to do this event with a team of 7 other runners is really exciting!

I am also debating a 5k at the end of the month, originally I planned to do a 5 and a 10k this month but I’m just not in racing shape at the moment and didn’t want to risk bringing my fragile state down. I’m going to see how the next couple weeks go, if I feel a good enough bounce back in my endurance and speed I might sign up. 5k is pretty safe distance for me since I’ve never raced it (my first race ever and the deathly hot thing I did last summer don’t count) I have no PB to miss achieving.

Also it’s summer! So I’ve been taking out my SUP a lot! Taken my bike out a little bit but not much yet. In July I will likely be leading the MEC Burlington Learn to Run Clinic so I’m stoked about that!


Picture from this evening at Valens Conservation!



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