2016 Goals and Plan

Yes it has taken me a month to get to the point where I’ve really started to plan out my year and what I hope to achieve. This is due to a few related factors:

  • As per my last blog post, I got slammed with a nasty cough, this cough lasted the entire month of December and into January when I finally went on antibiotics as whatever I did have, was turning in to Bronchitis. Immediately upon finishing my antibiotics I got hit with a cold. In total, I was sick for 7 weeks. I ran through all of it, but my lungs had taken a beating so I suffered through a couple more weeks of subpar running.
  • January was just hard in general. I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated, winter finally hit, making the whole breathing thing even more difficult. My struggling to breathe on my runs was doing nothing to help make me feel better. Though I did have a few really good runs – all warm and happy inside good kind of runs – the feeling never lasted long enough.
  • By the end of the month my mental state was pretty low, it was kind of ironic for me since Bell Let’s Talk day came around and there I was not admitting that I was starting to struggle.

February though felt like a light switch. I was feeling at my lowest Sunday and couldn’t get myself out the door no matter what I tried so I not only did not run my planned 24k long run, I didn’t run at all. Monday means I have the option to run with the group. Since I didn’t run Sunday I was definitely going to run Monday. On a whim I decided I’d throw in some extra before and after to get in 18k which is a decent enough long run for this stage in my plan and I knew would help make me feel better. Well I ended up running over 20k because I misjudged a loop by a tad. Blessing in disguise as it was exactly what I needed and then some.

Mild winter means lots of icey trail runs! 😯

I’m feeling much better now, January is over and behind me and I’m looking ahead, feeling good about Around the Bay and the rest of the year.

My overall goal for the year is a simple one, race less, win more. As in, give it my all at every race I do end up doing.

With that said I have 2 big races for 2016. Around the Bay and a fall half. I’m seeing this half as my major A race for the whole year. I’m pretty much approaching the rest of this year as training for the half. I want to kill it. I will definitely be giving Around the Bay my all but as this will be my first time racing 30k, and my first 2 months of building speed work up were sidelined by that cough, I know I don’t have the time to put in the same amount of effort for it.

Speed work is hard for me so I’m going to ease myself in to it, so I will not be doing a single tempo run in prep for ATB. I think that’s been a major problem for me in the past. I jump in to these tempo runs and have a horrible time. So for now I’m focusing on intervals and building my way up to longer ones that start reaching tempo length. I feel really good about this decision and I think it will work really well for me.

I GOT A NEW WATCH. Garmin Fenix 3 in Rose Gold 😍

Since this is my first time racing the 30k distance I get to pick any kind of goal I want, I’ve settled on sub 2:55, and I’d really just by happy with a sub 3:00. 2:55 feels pretty realistic to me – so long as I don’t focus too much on what kind of pace that is lol.

As for this half. I would love to proudly declare I will be retuning to the Toronto Waterfront to tear apart my current PR, but I’m not sure it will work out. I may have a work conference the week before, which I did before my marathon as well and I’m just not interested in repeating that again. I know it had an impact on how I felt during my marathon so I want to avoid as many negatives as I can control for this.

I will not be running a half this spring.

As much as I’d love to it is just not feasible for me this year. Since I want to race ATB it will put me out of doing my best at any of the early May races. On top of that I will also be going on vacation at the end of April/beginning of May which then puts me out of any spring half since I won’t be retuning to regular training until 5 weeks after ATB, there’s just not enough time there.

What I do hope for is to get a good 5 or 10k in there. I have never actually raced a 5k before (first 5ks don’t count) so I’d really love to test out what I’ve got in me for it and this spring is looking like it could be perfect for that since I won’t have any big race. This is not a set goal though just a kind of, if it works out, kind of goal.

And that’s it!

In summary 2016 goals are:

  • Give it my all at every race I enter
  • Sub 2:55 Around the Bay 30k on April 3
  • Smash apart my Half PB (2:05) in Oct/Nov 2016 ie: sub 2:00 (and then some?)
  • If works out: Find out that my 5k time is. PB my 10k
    • Possible races for these:
      • Moon in June 5 or 10k June 4
      • Peach Bud 5 or 10k June 28

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