Coughing up a storm

I return to Canada after a work trip to San Diego (beautiful! Got a couple runs in there :)) and a few days later, sore throat. I am currently still fighting this nasty cough and cold so that’s put a big damper on my return to training. 2 weekends now I’ve had to cut out a long run. I’m still running, but since it’s so much in my chest breathing is not great and the cold air only makes it worse (could be worse though it’s been above freezing still so far this year!!) . Since the breathing is laboured my pace has gone to shit which then throws any ideas of speedwork out the window as well.



But happily my milage is getting back to norm, I will be increasing it more once I’m healthy but I’m still getting in a good amount (last 2 weeks were about 35k) without having anything terribly long in there. Probably shouldn’t be running this much at all but I can’t stand missing workouts so I just suffer through.

One of my #RunChatHunt finds so far, Olaf! For selfie with a snowman

And I’m participating in #RunChatHunt once again so I’ll be putting up a post for that once I have them all. Though I’m not sure if I will be able to get all 12 this time around.


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