Return of the Level Headed Runner Thanks to You

So, my last post. Possibly a touch crazy?

I felt so much better after writing it though, also people’s notes of support on here and twitter meant a lot as well. From friends seeing my tweets and letting me know I was being stupid, to random internet runners also letting me know I was gold/the feeling were completely normal. I’m so glad I found all these people and how willing this community is to lift each other up. A year ago I was doing this alone, training for my half, and I did it, and I could absolutely do this alone too. But I don’t have to and that’s even better.

I also went in to my local running store the other day, the manager happened to be working so we had a good chat, the store didn’t even end up having what I was looking for but it was a successful trip anyways. I felt so much better after the talk. She’s an experience marathon runner so we were talking about Toronto Waterfront and other races as well. And at one point I mentioned how I didn’t get my last long run in so I’d only gone up to 32km and she said I was better off without the 36. She said most people who do 36 end up hurting and not in best shape come race day, those that stop at 32 have a better, more successful run. She was adamant 32 was the best place to stop so that made me feel a lot better as well.

And then I had a great run last night! My pace jumped and it was kind of freaking me out so I kept stopping on my runs trying to calm myself down so then obviously that lowers the pace even more with all the breaks so I couldn’t quite believe in and settle in to my new pace. So last night I dubbed the run ‘brain training’ and focused on putting out a steady consistent effort and to not to take a single pause break. The run was a bit slower than my others have been but that was more to do with the wind, my splits where I wasn’t fighting the wind were under 6, exactly where they’ve been lately, but the wind was relentless so the other half (the half on the way back!) were over 6, still managed a 6:02 average which is much faster than what I was running and only slightly slower than what I’d like marathon pace to be so it felt great to get that out! So that’s my last run of any effort, it was 12k I’ll run a couple more times but nothing over 8 and everything will be very light and easy with some strides.

So thank you to everyone who has taken their time to send their words of encouragement or positive vibes my way, it has meant a lot and helped so much!

This is honestly a random picture because I have nothing from my latest runs. So a pretty sunset picture from a SUP night over the summer goes in.

I promise to pay it forward as much as I can including doing the same for others in my life/on the internet but also I will be volunteering at the Hamilton Marathon on November 1 to do my part to give back to the running community!


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