Runner in Taper, Approach with Caution. A Tale of Jumbled Thoughts


I’m quite honestly an anxious, terrified, emotional wreck.

Yesterday & Today, a summary:

Why am I doing this

Why am I doing this

I can’t do this

I’m running a marathon!

My family and friends will be there! (cue tears)

Oh my God

What if I can’t finish?


Trust your training they say.

You know what, you can shove it. YOU trust your training I’m going to sit here in my pile of doubts and fears.

I have to remember I always feel like this before a race.

This is just significantly worse.

Maybe that means it will go significantly better?

I want to cry.

In other news let me interrupted you from reading my crazy thoughts with pretty views from one of my last runs before I went insane.

I don’t even know how I’ll get through next week if I’m already feeling like this.

I would have expected these feelings a week from now, a couple days before the race. NOT TWELVE.

I’ll be away for work next week, coming home Friday night. I’m not sure if this will be good or bad, will being in a new place working strange hours help distract me? Or will it make things worse, feeling isolated as I’m away from my family and have limited communication with friends.

This fear and these doubts are pretty crippling.

Must remember to breath.



4 thoughts on “Runner in Taper, Approach with Caution. A Tale of Jumbled Thoughts

  1. I know you’ve heard this a jillion times, and you’ll hear it a jillion more, but you got this! You’ve put in the training, which is arguably the hard part.

    Speaking from experience, I think the doubt is greater because the distance is greater. More time out there on the course equals more time for things to go wonky. There’s also about 12.2 km of uncharted territory. I did the exact same thing as you, progressing from the Around the Bay to a full marathon, and it really feels like a monster jump!

    None of this is probably helping; it probably won’t help either that the feelings don’t change a lot even after you have finished a marathon.

    Like I said, you probably hear that all your friends and family believe in you, but for what it’s worth, random internet runner guy believes in you too 🙂

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    • Thank you means a lot!!

      Oh man yeah Around the Bay feels like so long ago too. I remember finishing that with so much confidence that I’d be able to do a full. I’m so much of a stronger runner now than I was then too. My last long run was 32k at night. I then woke up and ran 8k of hilly trail the next morning, less than 12hours later. So like. I did that. And in some regards that’s even harder to do than all at once.

      Thanks again for the comment! Everything you said really helps!


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