Peak Week Blues

Training was going too well, it was bound to happen. For every super amazing run you will have an equally opposite awful run. Bam, Bam, Bam, I had 3 in a row.

One was my 36km long run.

Guess how well that went?

0% well.

My legs forgot how to run. My mind didn’t want to run. One you can push through, it’s very very difficult to push through both of those. Especially when you’re suppose to do so for 36km. So I made it to 10… Looks like we’re extending training!

I could skip it all together. But a last long run 4 weeks out from my Marathon will definitely fuel my internal doubts come race day. So I’m now super glad I had this 1 week buffer of pre-taper. Attempt number 2 of 36km will happen Sunday. I was going to do 25k anyways so what’s 11 more?

Also apparently I’m running 6 days this week. I don’t even know it just happened. I was going to take a rest day yesterday but with no long run I went for a run anyways. Still going to run today. Tomorrow will be a rest day and then I’m going to throw in a run Friday too because I hate taking 2 days off in a row. Aaand of course I’ll be running all weekend. 4 days in a row of running (hoping tonight’s will break my streak of awful runs…) rest, 3 days. THEN TAPER IS ON!

Considering my total lack of motivation this week and my desire to not run any miles when I should be running all the miles. Probably means next week I’ll be super high energy and wanting to run 16k every day. But it will be taper and I cannot. What shitty timing.

18 days until Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon!! Ahhhhhh



2 thoughts on “Peak Week Blues

  1. Bad weeks come and bad weeks go. Count yourself lucky that you’re buring through a bad week now, as opposed to on race day. Sounds to me like your head’s in the game, and you’re gonna absolutely kill it come October 18th. See you on the course!


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