Taper is soon

How do you know taper is soon? Your body is getting tired. Things are starting to hurt more. Recovery is slower. Your milage is at its peak.

I’m in the middle of this right now. But I’m having so much fun! I know my body will appreciate the taper but I personally am wanting to hold on to this training. Taper officially begins in 1 week with a slow start and then really kicks in in 2 weeks.

Gorgeous sunset during my tempo run a couple weeks ago

I really had no idea training for this marathon would be so much fun! When I first started the cycle back in July I was terrified and questioning why I was even doing this. I looked at the later weeks of my plan wondering how I’d even manage. 14km midweek runs? That’s insane!

Nope not insane, so much fun!

Broke out the possible marathon shoes!

Looking ahead I’m not sure if I’ll do another full again next year (yeah I know I should probably get through the first one first) but I definetly want to keep with this high milage even when training for a half. Because it suits me well. If I’m tired and achey for running, I just go run 10k and feel better. How fab.

8k recovery run at The Big Wild challenge on Saturday. Legs were dead and still full of lactic acid from running 32k night before but did it with help of a friend who stuck with me and felt much better after

I will not be doing 32km runs though for the fun of it. Did my second one last weekend, yup it sucked by the end. 36 run will happen this weekend. Oh boy. Good to know my body can now easily run 22km though. I will still breezing along until then, it was that last 10k when everything got tired, and the last 4 that were pure mental push to get through it.

Also a VERY EXCITING THING happened a couple weeks ago. I am now [almost] officially a run leader for the MEC Burlington meet up runs! Me along with 3 other runners will rotate through leading the runs and picking different routes for the Saturday trail runs. I’m super excited about this, I loved leading the group one time I subbed in on the Thursday community run and we will also be part of the Events Team and help plan out next year’s race series. I’ll be doing first aid training this weekend and MEC training during the week next week so by next weekend the group will have some new leaders in place! We don’t know the schedule yet so not sure if I’ll be leading or not be possibly!


6 thoughts on “Taper is soon

  1. Thank god we all run fall marathons and can take solace in the fact that everyone else is getting dangerously close to the edge of “too tired too achy for this” but still loving it. Sometimes I feel insane, but it’s not just me! Enjoy 🙂


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