6 Weeks to Go!

When did that happen?

Getting a little bit terrifying now. September is going to be a BIG month with the amount of milage I’ll be putting in. I’ve been enjoying it so much so I’m pretty excited! But still a little scared. I’m still amazed with my body being able to handle it so well. 6 months ago 50km weeks left me in the foetal position unable to finish some runs. I’ve now run 65km in a week and felt fine, some of these weeks have included 3 runs in a row, something that attributed to my foetal position state. I have not had a single problem running 3 days in a row this time. So much of a non issue I even considered doing 4 days in a row this week but ended up backing out of that figuring I should stop while I’m ahead.

When you live in suburbs but there's still alot of farm land around.

My knee is still a bit of an issue, I’m icing it as much as possible and its holding up okay. My last couple of runs were not great, first it was because I was running on slanted road near my house which is always an issue and then Sarurday during my 32km (!!!!) run, the downhills I took it wasn’t that happy with, but knees in general don’t like downhills so that’s about it. It definitely doesn’t feel right and ice and my strap are necessary but it is manageable and I’m hopeful I can get this under control without it affecting my training.

And yes I did my first 32km/20miler Saturday!!! I was actually pretty excited to conquer this as 1, it’s first time doing a new distance and 2, these are the runs people dread so I wanted to find out why. Well I did not find out why, it didn’t feel any different for me, I mean aside from being so god damn long. Like passing the 18km mark and releazing you still have 14 more to go. Or being at 21km and celebrating that you’re almost done and then releazing for the marathon.. it’s only halfway. That’s probably the biggest thing is when you’re tired and almost done but not really because there’s still a lot left, and realizing how much more it will be from this point during the actual marathon. But, that’s a realization for all races at every point in running. Even if you’ve run 30km before, you could be in a 10k race and think, omg I still have 5km left to go?? It’s just a game your mind likes to play to try to make you stop, you just gotta power through those thoughts.

Unexpected nice view of Cootes Paradise during long run

I was suppose to run 10k Sunday morning to hit 61km for the week but I slept in and I knew the run was going to suck enough without the added heat and sun making it unbearable so I moved it to Monday evening, which meant only 51km for the week but I’m okay with it. I created a higher milage than necessary plan with the idea that I wouldn’t hit those targets every week because I never do. Except this time around not only have I consistently met my targets, I’ve even exceeded them sometimes. So dropping down one week, after doing a 32km run, yeah I’m okay with that. And also it’s just adding an extra milage to this week so I look even more insane as the rest of September is now full of 70+ weeks woo!

I felt completely awful on Mondays run but it was pretty!

So in 2 weeks I’ll be tackling 32km again, and this time I’m doing an easier route!!! All the damn hills Saturday, including a climb up the escarpment because I’m crazy. But then I got to come down it! There was still hills on the way down though… I do like having hills on my long run routes but this was just crazy. Especially since I’d never been on 2 of the major roads I took so I had no idea how many hills I was getting myself in to (answer = a lot). The week after that I’ll be doing 36km, I think I’m going to run a half marathon as part of it, do 15km before the race so I’m tired which will help me keep my pace down, and then do the last 21 as the race. This race is part of the Niagara running series so I’ll get my points and then I won’t have to do the whole thing alone. We’ll see, I think I’ll decide closer to the date, it’s a half marathon so it’s a bit pricey, local so lower but still more than I’d like to spend on something I’m not actually racing.

After 36km, which will be September 27th, I begin a slow taper down to the marathon! So really, 3/4 more weeks left of hard training! Its getting crazy!


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