Tempo Runs – Not my thing but I’m working on it

I’ve been doing my speed work on Tuesdays this cycle. It hurts to say the least. Tuesday is too close to my Sunday long run, I knew this going in to it but I wanted to run with the group on Thursdays so I decided to try it. But as soon as my long runs ramped up, my Tuesday sessions ended with me hurting. Nothing painful or anything, not injuring myself, I’d have to actually be good a speed work for that. But enough to know these workouts were too close.

So I’ve made the decision to ditch the Thursday groups for September, today will be my last time doing tempo on a Tuesday as next week is recovery week and I won’t be doing any speed work.

I hate tempo so much.

I haven’t done many tempo runs, I usually bail out or just switch to an interval workout instead.

Tempos for me are the most mentally challenging run, I can get through distance runs, that’s not much of a struggle for me, even on bad runs, I can push through that. Tempo? Same can’t be said.

So last Tuesday was my first tempo in a very long time, and I took a new approach, I intentionally scheduled walk break in the middle doing the cruise interval style tempo. I follow a lot of runners on instagram who are Boston Qualifiers who do this so it made me feel a lot better about taking this approach to tempo. It went, not horribly. Last week was crazy hot and sunny and I thought I might puke at the end of my first 3k interval, so I walked it off for awhile and headed in to my second interval, a little bit slower and more cautious, I was working against the wind though so it made an added challenge. I almost made it through that one but did end up taking a mini walk break when I had 1km left. I’m working on the mental, eventually I will get there.

Not a bad way to end a tempo run though right?

I’m trying not to be too hard on myself about it. I haven’t been running long and been doing speed work for even less. Aside from some fartlek I pretty much did 0 speed training until after my first half marathon in November. And then I kind of just jumped right in to tempo without any kind of build, I was attempting 6k at 5:40 pace (about a minute faster than easy pace at the time) when the most I’d ever done outside of a race was 1km repeats. So yeah, mentally, it wrecked me.

Tonight I’m going to try for 2x4km but I’ll see how I feel, maybe I’ll even cut them down to 2km repeats. I feel even better about this after last night’s MEC talk as Cole said your tempo interval can be as short as 5 minutes. This is very very good to know. I can for sure do 5min repeats, I do 800m repeats just fine (or as fine as you can) and those are just over 4 minutes so less than a minute more and it’s considered tempo? I can do that.

I got this.



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