Marathon Training Week 5 – A Perfect Week

I started the week pretty damn sore. A 24k long run on pancake flat road left my quads pretty torn up not to mention the reason I stuck to flat was because my glute and hamstring were feeling tight and sore. So after an intense speed session just 2 days after the long run, things were hurting quite a bit.

I crushed my speed session none the less. First time doing 800’s since my first week of training with that abysmal early morning high humidity performance. I went back to the track ready for a fight. Nailed it, my slowest 800 was a 4:09, near the end when I had started holding back too much in the first lap but I got that mentality out of me for the final repeats and gave them my everything. My intention was to do 6×800 but I ended up doing 7 instead. With warm up and cool down that got me 11.5km.

Before that on Monday I went to the MEC clinic on form, I had no intention of running but I did stay for the warm up and drills to test out what we’d learned, then I left the group with their track work and headed out for a nice and easy quick bike ride.

Wednesday I went to SUP and we did a crossfit lesson which was challenging and a great workout. I really need to get to yoga more often, a few push-ups and I could feel it in my arms the next day. After the workout continued for a bit of a paddle.

Thursday I was still hurting quite a bit, my right quad was not a fan of going down steps and my right hamstring was still a mess. Went out for easy trail run with the group and my hamstring was screaming at me at the end so I cut out at 8.5 when we got to the parking lot instead of continuing on with the others who kept going to get up to 10k. This actually kept me on track for the week as I’d done an extra 500m Tuesday and either my Thursday or Saturday run only had to by 9k.

Friday I took my well deserved rest day.

Saturday back with the trail group. What a run this was, despite the fact that legs were still hurting I actually felt really really good on this run. Which was great because we ended up missing a turn and getting lost which resulted in an extra 2.5k bring the run to 12.5. But the run ended with me feeling better than when I had started.

All smiles just before we split off from the short distance group as we headed out for the loop that we’d end up getting lost on. I took this photo so no I’m not in this. Fearless leader in the back on the phone informing the other leader of our plan, he stayed positive as some started to worry when we couldn’t figure out how to get back

Someone made a comment that at least the extra millage would mean I could do less the next day.

If only it worked that way.

But it turned out that was not necessary as I had one of my best long runs ever. All thanks to a friend who ended up joining me. I’d planned the route a couple days before, in all I had run every bit of it before but not all together like this. It was really the most perfect route, very shaded, good amount of hills – with a bypass around a couple on the way back (except! it adds a different one, just a baby) and the halfway point was done through a section of trail that was very refreshing and a nice change of scenery. Seriously this route is so perfect I’m sharing it all with you, even though this will be meaningless unless you’re from this area, you can enjoy it anyways. It goes through the infamous North Shore in Burlington, which are the hills in Around the Bay including the big giant downhill, which you then have the pleasure of climbing back out of.

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.59.04 PM

We mostly struck to this, we took the trail up to LaSalle park instead, and took the shorter route through the trail first to get to the pit stop faster, and then took a bit of an unplanned detour through the cemetery on the way back. But the run was great, great company and I felt really good the whole time, we took a few walk breaks but not many and we crushed all the hills. We even managed to somehow run our last few kilometres faster than what we started. I’ve never felt so great after a long run. Sure I was tired, but I know I could have kept going. And amazing feeling since aside from Around the Bay race, this was my longest run ever. Felt 100x times better than I did last week due largely to the shaded route, nice breeze when we did hit the sun, and having someone there with me who was hating those last few hills just as much as I was.

Sweaty but happy as we hit the trail section of the run

After the run we walked into the lake a bit to give our achy feet and tired calves/knees a little ice bath. It felt really amazing!

Lake Ontario ice bath!

After the run I was surprised how good I was feeling, super tired for sure, I’d gotten very little sleep the night before and then I spent a lot of the afternoon after the run having to stand but I wasn’t sore, legs just felt tired. Today I don’t feel sore at all, my hamstring is still all kinds of tight but I feel better today after my 40k weekend than I did on Friday.

Run until it doesn’t hurt!

Hopefully I still feel good tomorrow, sometimes it can take an extra day, but I went for a swim this evening to loosen and stretch everything out so I don’t see tomorrow being any worse.

In total with my 28k long run I did 60.5km this week, the most I have every completed was 52 back in March. I’m super happy about accomplishing this and feeling so great about it!


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