3rd Week of Marathon Training!

Marathon training is really kicking off now. Right at the same time crazy heat/humidity came to take over my area of the world.

Ouu man.

This past weekend I ran the grossest 22km ever. Right from beginning the air was so thick, sweat was pooling on my face. If I wiped my arm sweat would fly off. By the end my quick dry clothing was actually dripping.

Thankfully I didn’t have to suffer alone. I met 2 girls early and we headed out and got in about 9k on the waterfront path before joining up with the MEC meet-up run and did just over 10k with them on the trails. Going back to the start at the end of that I was starting to fade. I’d kept up with gels and drank Nuun each time we ended back at the cars but it wasn’t enough. Also I was approaching 2 and a half hours of running. Time I’ve only reached a couple of times, and it was winter then. The heat and thick air made this much more of a challenge. I managed another 2k on my own opting to cut the planned 24k down to 22 due to the time, half of it being on trail meant I could get away with cutting this short on a good day. Never mind one as gross as that.

Saturday MEC Burlington trail group!

The rest of the day I was completely drained. Never has a run taken so much out of me. Not even 30k. I drank 3 bottles of Nuun in total and refueled properly. But that run combined with little sleep the night before meant I was done for the day. I was asleep by 8pm and still felt completely drained on Sunday and never made it out for my recovery run. Even Monday I was feeling more tired than I have in a long while.

Saturday I did manage to get out and go buy my marathon shoes though! I decided I do not like the Nimbus 17 as much as the 16 so I headed to the Asics Outlet to get a pair of the 16’s before they’re gone. They will be sitting in their box until September when I start bringing them in to the shoe mix. I still have my first pair of 16s I wear sometimes I just can’t wear them for long runs anymore.

No running Sunday meant that run got pushed to Monday where I joined up with the MEC group run. Typically the Monday runs are a little bit of speed work and on the shorter side. But this Monday Cole decided to switch it up, maybe because it was so hot, we also didn’t have any beginners with us so we headed out for a 10k run. And I ended up being the turtle in the back as I tried to keep up with the guys pacing us. On a good day I probably could have kept up, but I was still tired from the weekend and it was still pretty hot out. The sun came out to attack me at one point, I could feel a headache starting so I asked the group if we could head in to a nearby building to get some water as I was nearly out and it was piss warm by that point. The building was air conditioned and the water fountain was cold so I think everyone appreciated that. Felt significantly better after that, getting some cold water down always gives me instant relief from that kind of feeling. From there we had about 3k left to go, a couple of the other runners had slowed a bit and I was feeling better so I was able to keep up much better.

It was an awful run but I felt great having done it and it was nice having Cole and the group to help push me to keep going.

Tuesday saw another 10k run, this one was hill repeats because I just love to torture myself. I had a friend with me which was great and I actually felt pretty okay during this run all things considered. Legs were feeling a bit sore and tired, but better than I thought they would especially since my hamstring/hip flexor is acting up and hills on make it worse. I was worried about that but it actually didn’t bother me too much, just a bit on the last hill. The humidity had also gone down a lot and the run was in the shade so it was far more comfortable than it has been, still hot but felt almost refreshing in comparison.

Post hill repeat selfie

Tonight I headed to the pool and had a great swim. Tomorrow will be group trail and then I have a 5k race Saturday! Should be fun since my legs are feeling pretty damn tired now. I’ll be going out Saturday night so Sunday’s run may or may not happen, but I’m heading in to a scale back week so it’s not a long run anyways.

I think regardless of if I get my run in Sunday or not I’ll be joining the Monday group again next week. I booked a massage for Tuesday to get my hamstring fixed up so I’ll have to change around my runs anyways. Hoping that motivates me to run Sunday no matter what or else I’ll need to squeeze in a run somehow before the massage.


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