So I did an early morning run

It was not fun.

Yesterday I had a massage booked for after work and I also needed to get my first run of marathon training in, a track workout. Which meant I had 2 options. Do the run before work, or push it to Wednesday.

I didn’t want to do it Wednesday, I wanted to give my legs a big rest after my massage to fully reap the benefits so an intense track run was the last thing I wanted to do. So before work won out.

I had a horrible sleep I kept waking up full of anxiety about the fact that I had to wake up early to run. Talk about irony. Just before 6am my alarm goes off. Not a happy camper here I love my sleeping. Somehow I got out of bed mumbling the whole time about how much this sucks, why am I doing this. I want to sleep.

I make it out the door anyways and head over to a nearby track for my workout.

Sunrise! And yes that is a PAVED track!

5x800m repeats to get my benchmark set for Yasso

orrr so I thought.

Turned out not a benchmark.

The track near me is sliiightly shy of 400m so I’d created a workout on my watch to make sure I got the full 800m repeats so I didn’t get to see my times during the run. So I did my 5 800’s, minimal walking between sets, just a bit when I grabbed my bottle to drink some water, felt proud of that.

It was damn humid out. I think one of my most humid runs I’ve done so far this year. So gross.

So I slugged through my run, then headed back home, feeling like a super slug the whole way, my cool down pace was slow even for me.

Once home I checked my times. I should have been close to 4 minutes per 800, this is based off many sources including McMillan running, where my 400 times are, and where I was last time I did 800s, back in March when I averaged about 4:07, I’ve gotten way faster since then so this should have been fine. NOOPE The first I did in 4:07 and then the rest I was close to 4:30, 1 even slower. Well. That didn’t go according to plan.

Looking now at my heart rate data for the run, I was nowhere near where I should have been, in completely the wrong zone, I only came close to target near the very end of each. Evidently I was too zonked out to even give this run the effort it deserved. Also I was feeling a bit off before my 2nd last 800, feeling the Larabar I shoved down my throat before the run (not doing that again).

Failure there, but well least I got out and did it, even if I apparently didn’t put the effort I needed to in to it, I definitely felt like I was, need to pay more attention to the HR next time, and maybe also not do it at 6am on a super humid morning after a shitty sleep. Might help too.

But first run of marathon training done! And hey if it starts with a shitty run it can only get better right?


4 thoughts on “So I did an early morning run

  1. Humidity can be a huge drain on a body. It feels like you are running in a pool sometimes for me. Great approach though! The fact you got out there and did it is awesome sauce in itself. Now you get a nice rest day and will be back at it soon enough!


  2. It took me a few days to get used to running in the morning! I feel like I was still half asleep the first time I ran that early lol. Took some time, but I’m glad now that if need be I can run before work and get a good workout in when I have things planned in the afternoon. Good luck with your training!


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