Why I’m Running a Marathon

All 3 of my runs so far this week have felt on the same level, I had to kind of push myself to keep going, but I didn’t struggle. These are just kind of your everyday runs. I went out, I did the work, it didn’t feel magical, but it also didn’t feel awful. And I ended each run satisfied with how I’d done. Monday was the MEC road run, we did 6.5k in total, with 6 repeats of 1min on 1min off. It was tough! We were running fast. I thought I was doing horribly at the end because I couldn’t keep up with the people I was running with to start. Then I looked at my times, and the 1min on I was running in the 4’s! Insane I never run that fast. Even at the end when we were done the fartleks and running back I thought I was slugging it but I was actually mostly in the mid-high 5’s.

Tuesday I went out for a 10.5k easy run. Felt good to finally get some distance in! Wednesday massage. Oh man, RMT found a knot I’ve been feeling for months. Getting that our hurt to say the least. Thursday my legs were feeling Monday, Tuesday and the massage. Wore my compression socks because calves have been tight still and we’d be hitting some hills. I was running great but legs were definitely tired. At 4k some people decided to keep going a bit longer and 4 of us turned back. We were all just kind of like ‘nope not happening’ I’m usually not one to say no to running longer but for a mid week run, especially during maintenance. I do not need to go over 8, especially on tired legs and a trail with some hills. Even during training I often do not go over 8k during the week. 8k is really the perfect distance, not too long not to short, really the perfect mid-week easy run distance.

But back to Monday…

That night’s clinic we did goal setting so Cole gave us each a sheet of paper to fill out with our immediate 1-2 month goal and our longer term 6 month goal. We filled them out and put our email addresses on them so he can go over them and give us some feedback. I’m pretty excited!

For my immediate goal I wrote about working on speed and hitting my 10k goal time (3rd try is the charm!) on June 30th (signed up for the Peach Bud 10k, a local race the other day! I’m excited!) I mentioned overcoming my mental struggle with tempo runs there as well.

For long term I talked about my marathon training and getting though it sans injury by doing strength training.

On the sheet we were suppose to write why this was important to us. My immediate one was easy, I want to prove to myself i’m stronger than my mind thinks. My mind does not like to go fast, it thinks my body can’t take it, I prove to myself all the time I can, but the mind is week. Getting faster mean beating down my doubts that much more.

Why do I want to run a marathon? This was harder. I just ended up putting ‘I want to.’ It doesn’t seem like a good enough reason. But it is, it’s something I want to do, so I’m going to do it. I’m not someone who has always wanted to run a marathon, not even when I was training for my first half. While running my second half when I had decided I’d do the full I thought. Am I crazy?? WHY?? I think that’s why. Because I’ve never done crazy things, I’ve always taken the smart path. This is my little bit of rebellion from always doing the right thing. I’m going to go do something a little crazy but for all the right reason, I may not love every minute of it. But I’m going to love the journey. It’s going to be hard, and that’s why I want it. I’ve never faced things that are hard. School was never hard from me. Things in life, yeah there were hard things in life, but I never faced them, I’d run or push away from them. This, this is something hard I’m going after, head first I’m chasing it down.

From this week on I’ll be slowly building my weekly milage back up. To make sure i’m on the right track I decided to rough out my marathon training plan. Only a very basic guide and I’ll be doing some experimenting over the next month or 2 to see what my body can handle and I’ll be using that to help structure the plan. So I’ll be making a ton of changes to it I’m sure. But I feel good about it so far. Some weeks will be hard but I’ve built in a lot of scale back weeks as well and right now I actually only have a few weeks in there of 5 days a week. I thought I would have had to do more than that. So I’m happy about that, I want to be able to handle 5 days a week at some point, but I think for now it’s just too much while doing a build-up as well. I’ve done it a few times and it just gets to be a lot, not enough recovery time. I’ve definitely experienced running tired in the month of April though and handled it better than I did in February when I was trying to add 5 days so I think I should be okay for the fews weeks I do it. I’ve also been considering doing double runs on Thursdays. A tempo in the morning and then the easy trail run in the evening so I can get I’m some extra speed work that’s spread out from other hard runs without having to give up Thursday nights completely. I probably won’t be able to do every Thursday once training kicks into full gear but i’d like to not have to give them up completely.

I’m excited and terrified for this anyways!

My sunset picture for #RunChatHunt (more on that later) taken after Thursday’s group trail run

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Running a Marathon

  1. Lovely picture, i’m just planning for my first marathon. I’ve been putting it off because I want to give it the respect it deserves. Can’t put it off any longer though so i’m signing up! Good luck x


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