The Long Run That Wasn’t – Last Week of Recovery

My plan was to end this final recovery week with a nice and easy 14k long run. That did not go as planned.

My mid week runs were great I talked about my first 2 in my last blog post, Progression Run & Other Training. Thursday’s group trail run was also good. Minor ‘I’m about to die’ section as we climbed a monster hill when we went on the road for a small section before looping back to the trail (Around the Bay runners you know this hill, Spring Garden Road, the part you run down during the race, we went up). But aside from that I felt great and was running near the front of the group doing just fine. One of the women (a marathon coach actually) even made a comment about me being a good runner (funny thing second time this week that someone called me a good runner mind = blown).

Saturday’s trail run, less great. Still okay, I was doing okay for the first half and a bit on the way back, then we hit a ton of rocks that seemed to have multiplied from when we ran through on the way in. I was having a hard time manoeuvring through and my calves were starting to tire a lot, still a bit tight from the week before. All in all, while not my best run, it was pretty decent for a very technical trail run.

And then Sunday. I’d really been looking forward to this run. I hadn’t done a proper long run since Around the Bay for various reasons so I was looking forward to it a lot, I love my long runs and I’d picked one of my favourite routes I haven’t done since before the snow hit. I was ready!

Well, I slept in a bit later than I intended, still not so bad, I was at my parking spot at 9:30, not ideal in the heat but for a shorted long run it was fine. Outside my car it was heating up a bit but there was a cool wind coming through. Bit strong actually enough to slow down the run but for a long run I wasn’t really concerned about it.

Immediately my body did not want to run, I took a longer walk then I normally do before I started running. Finally I start running, against the wind, I’m not enjoying this. I think about how I should have brought my ipod. I don’t often listen to music, in fact I went months without it, maybe a podcast for parts of long runs, and I did my half with music since I wasn’t feel confident in myself. But really, it’s not something I really do much of anymore. I wanted it today. I turned down a path so the wind was no longer effecting my strides and the path was flat.

I should have felt better at this point. But I felt sluggish, even though my pace did not suggest it, I just felt like I couldn’t get my legs to move right. I stopped, I tried to walk it out. Started again, no better. I went 2k when I decided this run wasn’t going to happen today. My legs didn’t want to move, my mind couldn’t get to the point to convince them to move. Plus my bum was sore, has a knot in it. I actually stopped in the middle of the path and was trying to rub it out. Yeah. Runners do totally normal things like rub their butts in the middle of a pathway.

Positive note, the path took me over this.

So I headed back to my car, ended up taking a couple walking breaks in total. I’m disappointed but my body was just not up for it today and as I’m not in training for anything, I’m not going to try to push through to anything it doesn’t want to do right now.

Time to move on, forget this run and hope for some better runs.

Also to go roll my butt over my Acuball…

Total KM this week: 29 – few less than what I thought would be a good amount but way less than what it was going to be had I gotten that long run in. Kind of accidentally overstretched my 32k target by 10k… But then it worked out since I was under by 3?

This week – officially into maintenance mode, no idea how many km I’ll run yet though!


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